The Ashizuri Megaliths

―Special Photo Story―

I put this page here for the sake of a Russian researcher (*)
(who inquired of me about Japanese megaliths such as "The Kanayama Megaliths")
and others who might be interested in the field of
Lost Civilizations/Prehistoric Heritages, Megaliths and Archaeoastronomy, etc.

October 17, 2003 KOMATSU, Eisei

(*) The Door to the Past: Archaeoastronomy and the Pyramids

1.The Toujin Field―An Unfortunate History

(Please click each thumbnail photo to get a larger image.)

1.airview, before 2.overlook, before 3.airview, after 4.overlook, recent 5.Avebury 6.Carnac

2.The Toujin Stones

1.congeries     2.congeries   3.smooth surface 4.concave surface

3.Other Ashizuri Megaliths

1.supporting wedge 2.triplet  4.crescent   5.arranged   6.stone mound

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NASDA (National Space Development Agency of Japan): "Ashizuri Peninsula"
Forestry Agency (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan): "1.airview, before"
Martin Gray ( "5.Avebury"
Confirmation pending: "2.overlook, before", "3.airview, after"
Eisei KOMATSU: "The Symbol Stone", "4.overlook, recent" and "6.Carnac" of "The Toujin Field", All the pictures of "The Toujin Stones" and "Other Ashizuri Megaliths"