The Earth and Humanity Going toward the Light

\A Commentary on gPath of Empowermenth



Eisei Komatsu


Our school textbooks teach us that there are no extraterrestrial beings that have direct contact with us human beings on Earth.

      Based on such an gofficialh view, which is far from the cosmic truth, all systems of knowledge and information have been established and maintained on Earth for years and years without fatal collapse. It is indeed one of the most gmiraculoush things happening in the universe.

      As gPath of Empowermenth describes, the reality, however, is that gnumerous extraterrestrial races have been interacting with humanity and operating on Earth for more millennia than you can imagineh.(p.245-246)

These extraterrestrial races have been attempting to tell the truth about the universe and our own history to us human beings on Earth - cosmic orphans still in a state of isolation from the rest of the universe. These true messages have been found in publications and web sites, which are not necessarily mainstream.

Among this type of ever-increasing messages transmitted in recent years, gPath of Empowermenth is the most definitive book, which was written (channeled) by Barbara Marciniak, who had received messages from highly evolved beings based in the Pleiades, which, along with Sirius, have strong associations with human beings on Earth.

The purpose of the messages in this book is concisely described in the following words:


gOur intent is to explain the events of your world from another point of view, to bring you truth with grace. And even though some of these truths may be hard truths, they are worthy of consideration.h (p.265)


gThe events of your worldh described here are about the unprecedented events (i.e.  gascensionh) currently underway on Earth, the solar system and its associated universes.

As you easily understand when you read gPath of Empowermenth, the whole book is dedicated to convey accurate information regarding gascensionh to humanity to lead us to prepare for it.

The word gascensionh, however, cannot be found anywhere in this book. Without using the term, the book successfully explains the abstruse notion of gascensionh.


*  *


In the Introduction in gPath of Empowermenth, ascension is explained as follows:

gc at present we are most earnestly focused on a specific place and time – Earth from the year 1987 through 2012. It appears that during this period this location safeguards the probability of a triumphant achievement where, for a short while, some of the Majestic mysteries of life are realized and revealed. We are here to observe and participate in the greatness of this event.h (p.1)


gEarth is currently experiencing a tumultuous transformation of consciousness, the likes of which you have no recorded historical precedent for.h (p.2)


It may be hard for us to comprehend that Earth and human beings, located at the edge of the Milky Way System, have become the center of cosmic attention for having an important role to gsafeguard the probability of a triumphant achievementh.

Considering our history and current situation, however, we seem to have the optimal qualifications necessary for playing such a role.

The role is also explained in the following parts:


gA much larger plan is unfolding in the cosmos, and the seeds have been planted by everyone on Earth.h (p.273)


gThe ultimate purpose of this transformation is to open the way for new, pronounced frequencies of higher awareness to be available throughout the multiuniverse.h (p.133)


gA much larger planh described here is to achieve lasting peace in the physical worlds by putting an end to the endless war-torn eras both on Earth and in the skies (gas above, so belowh).

The chosen seeds for fulfilling such a plan are the human beings on Earth, the only watery planet in the solar system, which orbits at the edge of the Milky Way.

Since we are the ones who have been going through a long history of hardships, and are still in chaos, gnew, pronounced frequencies of higher awarenessh will be achieved by us if we quickly awake from this chaotic state and transform our consciousness.

In actual fact, everyone, who now lives on Earth, has chosen to be born (to be incarnated) on Earth at this period of time to contribute to this great transformation.

Thus, we, human beings, are the very seeds who dared to come to Earth at this period of great transformation, intending to make our achievements gto be available throughout the multiuniverseh. That is the meaning of the seeds of cosmic transformation which have been gplanted by everyone on Earthh.

We are more valuable and powerful beings than we think we are.


Ascension is an important event well-known to highly-evolved beings in the universe, and finally our Mother Earth and we human beings have a turn participating in it.


gEvery once in a great, great while, in certain locations of time and space, a massive acceleration of cosmic energy occurs. Based on a joint agreement among various forms of intelligence, including the stars, planets, and an innumerable host of cosmic players, the acceleration is designed to awaken the various participants to a much greater experience of existence through integrating a huge vibrational change of energy. The gateway to such a time of awakening opened on your world in 1987, initiating twenty-five years of unprecedented change and exponential transformation.h (p.14)


gWe often refer to this special period of time as gthe nanosecondh in the annals of time, because from certain vistas and points of view the twenty-five years pass by faster than the blink of an eye.h (p.15)


gThis entire twenty-five-year period would attract billions of people – everyone would want to be on Earth because the acceleration of energy would be so extraordinary; it would be like living thousands of years in a mere twenty-five, or like having hundreds of lifetimes all rolled into one.h (p.60)


Attracted by invaluable opportunities this twenty-five-year period offers, all of us who are incarnated on Earth now - adults, children, newborn babies - have come here by our own free will at this time of ascension.

Especially, many of the children born in recent years, who are already fully-evolved souls, have come to Earth from various realms of universe in order to experience this unprecedented change to become a bearer of Earthfs new era.

Nowadays we can easily find a gnew breedh of children like this. (They are so-called gindigo childrenh or gcrystal childrenh.)


gThe acceleration of energyh means a continuous increase of Earthfs vibration (frequency level). Since the increase is exponential, gaccelerationh occurs. The source of the increase is a special energy coming from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy (relayed by the Sun) in this period of time. The proportional relationship between energy and vibration is well-known in science even here on Earth. (Einstein-Planck equation: E=, E= energy, h=Planckfs constant, (nu)=frequency)


The effects of Earthfs vibrational increase we can easily notice are a rise in Earthfs body temperature (i.e. global warming) and an acceleration of time.

Contrary to the current understanding, so-called gglobal warmingh cannot, and should not be prevented. Originally, a watery planet like Earth has a stable, uniformly warm climate in the entire region. Earth had been keeping such a climate by using the gperfecth greenhouse effect provided by the double ice shields covering the sky above the planet. As part of the plans in ascension, Mother Earth is now trying to restore such a state. This is the reason why scientists on Earth cannot fully explain the fast pace of global warming in the context of ggreenhouse effect gasesh. Of course, there is an influence of ggreenhouse effect gasesh on warming of our planet, but the major factor of the warming is a rise in Earthfs vibration. Most importantly, we human beings should recognize gPrevention of Global Warmingh and gEnergy Conservation and Prevention of Global Pollutionh as two separate issues, and the former should be crossed out from the gto-doh list.

Meanwhile, gtimeh is linked to Earthfs vibrational level (proper frequency), by which the scale of time is diminished. Therefore, we notice that there is not enough time to do things at the same pace as before. Any sentient person can gsenseh the time acceleration currently going on. You often hear the expression gtime flies.h

Consequently, there is a big challenge for humanity – we too have to raise our own vibration to keep up with Earth. Otherwise we will be left behind by the continuous vibrational rise of Earth (i.e. ascension). Unlike human beings, other natural life forms have no trouble raising their vibration as they live in sync with nature (Earth).


gAs everything continues to accelerate, monumental changes will transpire, and your beliefs about reality – and the very nature of reality itself – can be altered in the twinkling of an eye.h (p.243)


It is inevitable that gmonumental changes will transpireh since such changes are accelerated and exponential.

We are immersed in this vortex of acceleration; even though the authorities and media still take a stance that there is nothing special happening, surely our consciousness is aware that a meltdown of the existing notion about reality is underway.

Thus our beliefs about reality will be galtered in the twinkling of an eyeh.


Ascension has very notable physical aspects as well:


gAs your entire solar system traverses new areas of space, the sun translates the incoming codes of consciousness and then eloquently disperses them throughout the entire system.h (p.216)


gAs your solar system travels the depths of space, it traverses a high-energy terrain of cosmic radiation, which is filled with a seemingly infinite web of consciousness blueprints. This creates a massive shower of fiery energy that continuously strikes Earth, which brings immense quantities of intense atomic particles that penetrate the cells and atoms of all things, providing a form of celestial electricity filled with vital life-force energy.h (p.8-9)


As for ga high-energy terrain of cosmic radiationh described here, the solar system is already on the outer circumference of this terrain, and is supposed to reach its center region around the year 2012.

We have already been under the influence of this high-energy terrain; since it is gfilled with a seemingly infinite web of consciousness blueprintsh, our consciousness itself is undergoing a great change – a positive change to welcome a new era of Earth.

Sometimes such a terrain is called the gphoton belth. Unfortunately, this word tends to be treated rather sensationally, and the interpretations of its concept that have been spread are not necessarily accurate. Therefore, it is advisable to get rid of any preconceived ideas of the photon belt, and understand it anew as noted as above.


gThese twenty-five years of accelerated energy involve a huge transformation of consciousness that will collectively clear perceptual limitations and expand your perspective, essentially freeing humanity from a state of bondage that is, as yet, largely unrecognized.h (p.244)

gThe quickening of energy you are receiving, from new areas of space that your solar system encounters, is literally blowing your paradigm wide open, triggering a huge leap in your ability to select probabilities that support, sustain, and value life.h (p.244-245)


A vital truth related to ascension we do not clearly recognize is that there is a balance between supply and demand of physical bodies of human beings on Earth.

We volunteered and were luckily accepted to have a physical body as a human being on Earth. It is said that there is a myriad of souls that wish to have a physical body to experience ascension firsthand; since only a limited number of physical human bodies are available for gcandidatesh, many souls in the universe must be feeling disappointed at not being able to come to Earth to live as a human being.

Most of us seem to forget our pre-birth determination and agreements, but even so, we are already, and fortunately, experiencing this unprecedented event of ascension.


This is a most fortunate time to be alive and will go down in the annals of renowned reincarnation stories. Sometime, perhaps in the future, you will tell great tales about what it was like to be alive on Earth during the great intensification of energy – a twenty-five-year span of unfolding multidimensional mysteries, at once majestic, momentous, and forever monumental in the annals of time. (p.26-27)


To transmit information like this is crucially important for humanity because there are only a few years left for us to prepare as much as we can for the big moment.

In the universe where each one has a free will, everyone can have any choice they want at every moment. As a collective result of each onefs choice, our reality (future) is molded. Even though information is intentionally distorted into something that is far from the truth, people choose and act on the basis of the information provided and create reality accordingly. Naturally, such a reality is not favorable one for many people.

That is exactly what we human beings have been doing to Earthfs history against our will for many years. In other words, a handful of people have been steering the rest of us away from the truths by elaborately and thoroughly manipulating information.

This is the biggest reason why ascension has not yet been a common perception in the global society.


*  *


The quintessence of gPath of Empowermenth is its messages of ghopeh which inspire us to awake from the illusion to find our own innate power, and put ourselves on the path of ascension.

This book can be regarded as a gnew textbookh for humanity on Earth, which helps us to acquire a new system of knowledge based on the truths of the universe.

The messages contained in gPath of Empowermenth are mind-boggling from the viewpoint of our conventional perception, yet very consistent without any contradictory ideas whatsoever. That is the strength of the truths that this book is telling.

When reading the book more carefully, we will notice that actually we have already known much of the information in it, intuitively or as a matter of fact – time acceleration, our multidimensionality, the truth about our incarnations, unusual incidents happening in the skies, the existence of extraterrestrial (cosmic) beings, many archeological remains showing evidence of the highly-advanced, ancient civilizations, etc.

It is almost impossible to deny the astute observation made by gthe Pleiadiansh, the cosmic beings that have transmitted the messages in this book. (Please note: they have become nonphysical beings after several opportunities of ascension; although they do not physically live in the star system of Pleiades any more, I use the name gPleiadiansh here for the sake of convenience.) They see through the human society – its governance mechanism, the gWar on Terrorh deceitfully used as a pretext for wars of ginvasionh, our controlled and corrupt media, our bloated medical care system, suppressed conception about good health and healing of our mind and body, etc, etc. Arenft these all gtechniques of deceith that have been manipulating us for so many years by faking, distorting, hiding, and ignoring the truths?


The credibility of the contents in gPath of Empowermenth is supported by the fact that the messages gresonateh with our hearts. Anyone can feel sincere, abiding love of the Pleiadians toward Earthfs humanity throughout their words. They perfectly explain our civilization and thought patterns, which proves their remarkable understanding of human beings.

On the other hand, our slowness in awakening from the relentless tyranny and mind-control occurring on Earth must be frustrating for the Pleiadians because it is against the cosmic law to interfere with anotherfs affair – the Pleiadians cannot directly intervene in our problem - unless perhaps it is an emergent situation, say, an atomic bomb is about to be dropped on Earth again.

Thus only they can do is to encourage us to be awakened to the truths, but at the same time they also maintain the stance that git is up to you to choose what to believe (p.267).h


In any case, we should never fear nor despair no matter what emerges or happens to us in the future – we should flexibly respond to anything that comes our way as part of the process of ascension - the great transformation for Earth and humanity.

We must absolutely believe that day by day we are expanding our perspectives, regaining our innate ability, and creating desirable realities for ourselves. Since gthe pathh has already been gchosenh on a cosmic scale, we will never be put back to square one.

Finally, I would like to express sincere thanks to the Pleiadians for their steadfast support for Earth and humanity, and to Barbara Marciniak for delivering their messages – a gift to all humanity – in the clearest terms.


February 2009                                Eisei KOMATSU


Copyright© 2009 Eisei KOMATSU