Reports from participants of Joint Psychic Exercise on Jan. 28-29, 2011

(A) I could concentrate very well and smoothly as the clear light invited me to join JPE about 6 hours before I started to meditate.
During my meditation, I tried to decompose gNRO L-49h with love instead of destroying it. After I visualized several times that the object naturally resolved into its molecule level, then my focus shifted to the ground control center naturally, probably due to the suggestion I had been given.
It was when I tried to find the control board there. Somebodyfs consciousness struggling with fear got into me, prompting to fight against UFO and protect themselves, although it was not ill-intention. It was confused and fear filled consciousness trying to fight against something unknown. I also got very confused with what happened on me at that time.
After my meditation, I realized that people working there might have such consciousness.
I wish that I could remove their fear, but I could only recover myself from confusion at that time.

I feel that my focus to the object gets distracted when I try to reinforce my shield too strongly.
As I received their fear, I believe that the light from me reached them to some extent. This experience somehow enabled me to see the truth.

(B) I am very glad to hear that JPE of the other day was successful. I also joined it. I would like to report my JPE experience just following my intuition.
It was a perfect timing to meditate, as the break time in my night shift starts at 1am (just starting time of JPE in Japan).

One hour before I started my meditation, I noticed my body condition had been changed. Another an hour before it, I asked our supporters in the sky to provide help because I was not confident of protecting myself. I was not sure what the change indicated, but I got to regard the change of my condition as a good sign.

I chose the place to conduct the JPE at the corner in my room, without any ceremonial tools or
I closed my eyes after declaring the start of my JPE to our supporters in the sky.
After a while, I visualized the big rocket in the cosmic space where we could see the whole Earth, the same rocket as the one on the website.

At first, I tried to make the rocket into nothing but the chunk of iron. I kept focusing on my visualization, founding that gNRO L-49g bursting up with spark and smoke. Then I imaged that the rocket got broken to pieces and disappeared.

During my visualization the scene shifted to a room with a line of computers with their big monitor showing the rocket.
I visualized gerror messagesh and sent a huge amount of them to each computer. Then the monitor image shifted to countless numbers of red gerrorh letters. One of the computers crashed with smoke while people working there were hectic, shouting at phones.

As to bother them was not my purpose, I got my focus back to resolving the rocket after I saw the computers crashed.

(C) I would like to report my JPE. I leaped one hour and started to meditate. I voiced all my intentions and visualizations.

First, I wrapped myself, all participants, and our supporters in the universe with love and powerful barrier of light. So that our love and light were strong and bright enough for the dark force and energy could not reach us.
Then I visualized that the computers in the ground control center were broken by our strong light of love  to stop them to work.

I also intended to wrap those working there, especially working with computers, in the light of love.

My wrapping resulted in the weapon melting, turning into the light that was not harmful for the earth.

I finished my meditation with my full of gratitude. I am honored to contribute to JPE in this time. Thank you very much.

(D)This was my first JPE experience. I felt very good and vital on that day.
As the starting time approached, I had become more excited in working with various people, feeling reassured.

I focused on peace rather than anger against the weapons, remembering that Mother Teresa took part in the peace movements instead of the antiwar movements.

I visualized that I stripped down and resolve every part of the weapon into molecular level not to leave the universal rubbish.

I was glad to cooperate with other participants when I saw someone helping me to cut the main wiring.

I sent my gratitude to members of Galactic Alliance, and told that I was looking forward to meeting them. I was very happy to know the success in JPE. Thank you very much.

(E) I started my JPE at my bath time, 6 hours before JPEfs starting time, because I was afraid of oversleeping. Though I didnft know the detail of that satellite, somehow I visualized the gL-49h floating in cosmic space. I came up to something cylinder-shaped, which was just gL-49h.

I flied around the satellite wondering how to deal with it. Since I was not sure where to do first, I started from viewing the satellitefs inside, filled with a lot of complicated units connected each other with the thin metal pipes.

I decided to cut the pipes with my big wire cutter which I brought for this purpose, but it turned that the pipes were too solid to cut. Thus I hit them with my hammer at random, which worked well.
I looked into it more deeply, finding a unit of equipment covered with a lot of shields. I swiftly left there as I felt (knew) it was a small nuclear reactor that was harmful even it was an image.

I returned myself to my bathroomfs bathtub as I was satisfied with damaging the satellite enough.

Then I finished the meditation by visualizing all parts of satellite changed into the molecules and melted with cosmic space. It was funny for me to have many unbidden images one after another even though I soaked and relaxed in the hot tub.

If anyone saw the person who waved the hammer fastening on the satellite, it was me.

I would like to join the JPE in a more decent manner next time.


2/21, 2011 Edited by Eisei Komatsu


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