Flying Group of Orbs

May 30, 2010


Some marvelous video images of Orbs are sent to me.

These are related to the still images of Orbs included in the following pages which I put on this site from late last year to early this year.

* (Still images from infrared surveillance video cameras of a house. Click images to enlarge.)

* (ditto)

* (ditto)


The video images I introduce here this time were taken in a short time slot by a portable infrared video camera in the room and in the garden of the same house.

1. Orbs Indoor (about 2 minutes, size of original images 320~240 pixels)

2. Orbs Outdoor (about 1 minutes, size of original images 320~240 pixels)


These Orbs must belong to a single group as their density in space and patterns of flying are similar when we compare these two movies.

Since they are entities of another dimension, they seem to be able to fly freely through walls or closed doors of a house, and even the earth (the ground).

However, they are still keeping the vibrational level (energy level) that can be caught by a CCD camera of our three dimension. Or they might be adjusting their vibrational level according to their unique agenda.


The video images of infrared surveillance video cameras (four different angles) of the house I referred above are in the site namely "Visitors of a Quiet Forest".

Although these pages are written in Japanese, you'll be able to view the images.

1. Dancing Orbs

(Note) To start the movie, click gthe start buttonh which pops up when you place the pointer on the image.

2. Animal Visitors

From top to bottom, DEER, MARTEN, RACCOON (They are not Japanese origin. Perhaps from pets.), FOX and RACCOON DOG.

3. Still Images of Orbs

Various types of Orbs taken at the vicinity of the house and other places (even in Peru of South America).


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